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Brand Catalyst helps business to capture and nurture more clients by building automation marketing funnels with strategy. Sheli has been in the field of marketing for over 20 years, and always has a keen mind for marketing and international branding.
Since then her passion for getting results for her clients has allowed her to become an industry leader, representing organizations such as Star TV, Leighton Asia, Media Partners Asia, Ocean Recovery Alliance and the Institute of iBusiness (IIB) Council as a Digital Marketing Advisory Board Member.

  • Sheli Bowmen
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  • October 10th, 2018
  • www.brandcatalyst.hk
I am losing out on potential revenue because my website is not garnering the amount of expected leads. My products and intended message weren’t getting across to my clients. Additionally, I have wasted so much of time which could have been spent focusing on what I do best.
Sheli Bowmen
Why she approached us specifically
Less than expected leads

After all the hard work she put into her business, clients are not on-boarding as much as she would like to have, despite all the positive feedbacks she is having from her recurring clients.

Telling the wrong message

Even with the help of drag and drop editors, the design of the website is still incapable of expressing what she wanted to tell her clients about her business.

No time to spare

Excel in a professional field requires time and focus, where the more time that was spent on things that are not within her domain, the less time she has to focus on what she exceeds at.

Website was only part of the solution. Understanding the business of design was the key to the success of this project
Cohort 6 Productions
Here is what we did

We let our work speak for itself.

We are a big believer in no-fluff work, where the result speaks for itself. We focused on finding what is most important to our client and prioritized it as our one and only goal.
Short as 2 weeks after publishing the website, there were significant improvements comparing prior to the revamp.

  • 7 times increase of unique page view traffic
  • 3 minutes increase of average time spent on page
  • 30% reduction of bounce rate
  • 37% reduction of exit-rate

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